What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a type of primary care where the patient and the provider have a direct relationship without the need for a health insurance policy.  DPC improves health care delivery with simple, flat, affordable membership fees.  No third-party billing.


How much does a membership with Element Primary Care cost?

Memberships for individuals are $89/month.  There is no premium for different age groups or chronic diseases you may have.  Patients receive 12 visits (one per month) per contract year and unlimited telemedicine.


How do I become a member at Element Primary Care?

It’s easy!  Give us a call at 850-708-1623, or go to our appointments page (link) click on New Member.


Are you taking new patients? How many member patients do you take?

I am currently taking new patients/members.  I will take a maximum of about 350 patients.  This is the number that will enable me to offer the best care possible to my patients.  Whereas most primary care offices have as many as 3000 active patients per provider, I keep my numbers low so that I can give truly personalized care to each of my patients. I will keep a waiting list for members once I am no longer taking new patients.


Do I really get Dr. Kehl’s cell phone number?

Yes!  Only Element Primary Care members get her cell phone number.  It’s like having a Nurse Practitioner in the family.  You can call, text, or email (all your protected health information remains safe through Element Primary Care’s patient call platform.)


Does Dr. Kehl take “call” or see patients in the hospital?

Dr. Kehl is available to answer calls from patients outside of office hours.  Of course, if it’s a medical emergency, please dial 911!  Dr. Kehl no longer sees patients in the hospital; hospitalist services are utilized for any Element Primary Care patients who are hospitalized.  However, Dr. Kehl will remain in close contact with your hospital doctors to ensure a smooth transition from hospital back to home.  Dr. Kehl has 8 years of hospital medicine experience, so she is experienced and ready to handle your post-hospital discharge care.


How does direct primary care save money?

Oftentimes, patients pick insurance plans with the lowest deductibles, theoretically for less out-of-pocket expenses.  But, they pay higher premiums and the “upgraded plans” don’t always offer the better benefits.  Doctor office visits may still cost $50-$100 per visit. For most patients, a higher deductible plan with a lower monthly premium still provides good benefits for hospitalizations, labs, and radiology.  The money saved on monthly premiums is usually more than what a DPC membership costs, plus you get all the benefits of membership!


What are the benefits of being an Element Primary Care member?

Element Primary Care members get quality, personalized, accessible care at the affordable price of $89 per month.  You can see Dr. Kehl 12 times per year in the office for routine care or sick visits.  The enrollment fee of $175 covers routine labs.  Many procedures in the office are included, or very low cost.  In most instances, you do not need to go to the lab to get your blood drawn, we do it right here at Element Primary Care!


What types of conditions do you treat at Element Primary Care?

As a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I am qualified to treat patients from infancy through senior years.  I take patients ages 5 and up as members, but I can also see infants for sick visits.  I can take care of most chronic and acute conditions including:  high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, stable cardiovascular disease, annual/school/sports/work physicals, well-woman exams, family planning, urinary tract infections, sinus infections, skin abscesses, insect bites, and minor emergencies such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains, and strains.  I also draw labs in my office, saving my patients a separate trip to the lab.


What types of in-office procedures do you offer?

I can perform minor surgical procedures like removal of moles and warts, treatment of skin abscesses, and splinting of sprains and strains.  I also perform esthetic neurotoxin injections with Xeomin and Dysport; facial HA filler injections; mesotherapy (injectable fat reduction); and, sclerotherapy.  We also perform body sculpting procedures with Emsculpt and Vanquish!  We recently added medical weight loss to our services, and soon we will be adding IV hydration and vitamin therapy.  We hope to one day grow into a one-stop-shop for primary care, esthetics, IV Bar, and BHRT.


What types of esthetic procedures/services do you offer?

Injectable esthetic services with botulinum toxin (Xeomin or Dysport) and HA fillers for lips and face.  At Element, we offer full facial esthetics as well with radiofrequency microneedling facials, medical-grade facial peels, and customized facials.  Dr. Kehl also performs body sculpting with mesotherapy and noninvasive sculpting with Emsculpt and Vanquish ME.  For patients with spider veins, she offers sclerotherapy with Asclera injections.


What is the difference between the different types of neuromodulators (botulinum toxin)?

There are 3 common name brands for neuromodulators in esthetics: Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. The differences between the three are much like the difference between other name brands of drugs (the same active ingredient, with otherwise subtle differences). For example, about half of patients using Dysport usually start to see results within 2-3 days, and results can last as long as 5 months. On the other hand, Xeomin and Botox take about 5-7 days to start to see the effects, and the results may last up to 3 months. In my practice, I see all patients for a recheck in 2 weeks to ensure results are as expected, and to make any adjustments (up to 5 units) free of charge.


Why are some procedures charged by syringe and others by the unit?

Hyaluronic fillers are charged by the syringe. Usually, it takes an entire syringe (about 1cc) or more to see desired results in areas that are being filled or “plumped” (such as lips, laugh lines, and deeper wrinkles in the face). On the other hand, neuromodulators for frown lines on the forehead and between the brows or crow’s feet around the eyes, are usually injected and billed per “unit” of the medication. Some facilities charge for neuromodulators by the area (i.e. lip flip, crow’s feet, “elevens”, or forehead). If this is the way your facility charges, be sure to ask how many units are included for each area treated and what is the charge if you need more.


What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that is completely painless and offers fat reduction and muscle building in the abdominal muscles, buttocks, triceps, biceps, and calves.  This service is perfect for those who are already working on their fitness, but have trouble spots, such as a “tummy pooch” or “bat wings” under the arms.  Emsculpt takes 30 minutes, and with four sessions, you will be seeing results in about 1-2 months.  You can maintain the results with one “touch-up” session per year.


What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is a non-invasive, radiofrequency fat “burner”; ME means “maximal energy”.  It causes permanent fat cell destruction on problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise (thighs or abdomen, including love handles).  Patients can lose 2-4 inches in their waistline and have a smoother, firmer appearance with four, 30-minute treatments once weekly.  It is painless and feels like a warming sensation (heating pad) applied to the skin. After fat cell death, the body naturally disposes of the fat cells through normal regulatory processes.  Fat cells do not return to the treated areas.


What is RF Microneedling?

The RF in RF microneedling stands for “radiofrequency.” This procedure utilizes the state-of-the-art Lutronic Infini to make small, controlled punctures to the skin. It also delivers safe radiofrequency waves that are designed to amplify the benefits of the procedure.  This prompts your body to naturally heal itself by creating more collagen and elastin.  The procedure helps to reduce pore size, correct fine lines and wrinkles, and improve acne scarring.  With RF microneedling, the use of radiofrequency waves allows us to reach deeper layers of the skin safely, thus producing superior results to microneedling alone.

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