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Why Direct Primary Care?

Health insurance has become frustrating and simply too expensive for many people. Even for a healthcare provider like myself, it’s difficult to navigate the health insurance market, especially if you are self-employed or do not have an employer-sponsored plan. Worse yet, if you are an employer trying to provide benefits for your employees, the process can be overwhelming. The costs of health benefits can consume a significant portion of your bottom line. Some families, even those who can afford health insurance, choose not to purchase coverage, because, with high deductibles and copays, it doesn’t seem “worth it”.

Direct Primary Care (DPC), offers all the services you are accustomed to for primary care, but with much shorter wait times, much longer appointment times, more personalized care, in-house lab draws, plus many in-house prescriptions and urgent care needs. Click on the Find Out More button to help explain why DPC is changing healthcare in a way that truly benefits YOU!

Direct Primary Care Explained

Direct primary care has grown in popularity since it first appeared on the healthcare scene about 10-years ago. New models of care are rising as health insurance is getting more confusing and expensive. Direct primary care is an option for primary care as health care costs for those without health insurance are soaring.

Simply put, patients pay for primary healthcare directly to the provider in exchange for quality, personalized care. It eliminates the need for patients and providers to file health insurance claims because the insurance companies are out of the process. Patients pay a monthly fee for healthcare. Direct primary care providers do not bill insurance companies, thus keeping the cost of direct primary care very low. Most providers charge between $70-$100 per month for the membership. Additionally, there are discounts for prescriptions, labs, and procedures performed in the primary care office. Click Find Out More.





Office visits at Element Primary Care are different! No more waiting in a crowded waiting room or being shuffled from one area to the next. Check-in, see your provider, check out – simple! Most patients spend less than 10 minutes outside the exam room, and members get as much time as they need with Dr. Stacy. And, here’s the best part, you’re not limited to “just one complaint” per office visit like so many other practices do!


Dr. Stacy is experienced in many emergent and non-emergent procedures.  If your weekend-warrior activities leave you cut, bumped, or bruised, you can get help right here at Element Primary Care.  Dr. Stacy can perform wound care (stitches) and splint sprains/strains.  She can also perform incision and drainage of skin abscesses.  We can also perform EKGs and blood pressure checks.


If you were recently hospitalized, it is important to see a primary care provider within one week of your discharge. Dr. Stacy worked for over 8 years in the hospital setting admitting, caring for, and discharging patients with all kinds of conditions. Having a provider with acute-care experience is essential in easing the transition from hospital to home is. If you were newly diagnosed with a chronic condition, or if you were hospitalized because your chronic condition was poorly controlled – it’s even more important to make sure you have close follow up after discharge. Please contact Element Primary Care for an appointment, you will be able to see Dr. Stacy within a week of your discharge.


Labs ordered by Dr. Stacy are collected in the Element Primary Care office.  In most circumstances, there is no reason to head to the lab for a lab draw.  Dr. Stacy is committed to providing her patients with convenience and personal attention, and drawing labs at the office is just one way she does just that!  In addition, a personal call or email is sent to the patient once the results are in.  We also offer many in-office tests with results in less than 15 minutes.  These tests are: COVID-19 antigen tests, Strep test, Mono test, Flu A/B test, urinalysis, and pregnancy tests (urine or blood).


Sometimes you can’t get to the office, and we understand.  Guess what?  Dr. Stacy can see you via telemedicine.
If you have an internet-capable device (phone, tablet, or computer), we can arrange a secure telemedicine visit with you.  Telemedicine can be booked online.



If you need a routine physical for work, school, or sports, Dr. Stacy can help! You can book your appointment usually within the next 1-3 days. Members get this service for free. Sports and school physicals are $50, and work physicals range in price from $100-150 (depending on the extent of the physical).


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